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Great game but needs to be fixed

Love the game always did. But I cant race anything because it says me and my buddys are full when no one is racing....

Need to get a repurchase refreshment

Please update this game just a tad so at least I can get my gold back that I gotten. But it is a great game though and please at least one more car in.

Great game

This game needs to be fixed so it doesnt log me out of the game and then everything will be fine so please fix it.


When is the next update but if there isnt one can you make one and add more cars please.

Cool game but

I believe this is a good game to start off bu the developer needs to make more updates to the game plz more updates... Even though door slammers 2 is out not everyone can run ios 8.1

Good but not perfect

The cars front end didnt come down!!!! Its not realistic to have a 1/4 mile wheel stand on a drag car with a properly set up wheelie bar. Love the game but its frustrating need to adjust the wheelie bar stiffness and height.

Good game

I really really like it but it need a upgrade that adds pro mods pro nitrous pro extreme and jet cars and dragsters more upgrades and make where you can get gold by adds please I really like it and fix the bugs in it and make more games like it please


This game is amazing...when you get a completely upgraded car. Before that, there is nothing to do but grind for money in your car that peaks at 93 mph. I feel that the beginning of the game is too slow, I understand that beginners usually have to start slow in games like this, but really? Also, I dont like that if you purchase an upgrade, then buy another one, the old upgrade will need to be bought again. It is tedious to grind for money for something you already bought, but pushed the wrong button and "sold" it. The actual racing is nice, but some of the mechanics need to be tweaked.

Needs help.

Needs a lot of work and has lots of bugs. It will release off the line randomly. Especially during a bracket race when your component is much slower. Makes you buy things over and over again. You do not get to keep your purchases once you change something. This game will charge you for every little thing multiple times. Other then that, it will wig out and both cars will on top of each other or flying through the air. Definitely needs an update but still waiting for something to change.


Wont let me restore my purchases after not letting my cars race so i had to delete the game and now i have nothing


Um can you give me my cash back

Ill give 5 stats if

Game is awesome. All it needs is new cars and new auto sounds. Then ill give five stars

Constant bugs

Constant bugs, game has too many issues to list. Needs lots of work.


I think on player vs computer you should have different difficulty like in csr you go rookie to pro because some of these computer players have superchargers and other things like that and you should be able to earn gold some other way nd I do understand yall have to make money some way but it would help and when the game crashes it kills me and yall should add in pro mods but that is it and like door slammers 2 add the fuel octane and tuning and some new cars and bourse power would help and if you came maybe add in some pickups form the 1970s to 1999

Camera angles

The game is awesome but i wish their was a way to put different camera angles when ur racing cuz i think tht would make the game more realistic and maybe add some more cars



Has potential

This game is ok if is had more development it would be better.

My account is gone

I downloaded the game years ago. I spent plenty of money on it. Had a bunch of cars built. Two with blowers and a turbo one. Now for some reason its all gone.

Good game

Ive had this game for about 2 years. My car could never pas 93 mph even though it was fully upgraded. I stopped playing the game for a long time and then I figured out the problem. I never bought an adjustable gear box. My car never had its gears set right. So if you want to win in this game you have to know what your doing.


Very fun game but I have one question. How do you get gold. Other than that the graphics are great and its a fun game.

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