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How to shift

I have no clue how to shift?! I k ow I am very stupid someone help me please

Door slammer

It would be nice if you bought parts for your car to save them in your garage. See you could use them on other cars move your brake and Excelerator but in a little farther apart because I know I have big fingers

I like it

I like it very much but If u dont wanna loose u have to by it with money


I race a jr dragster so I was looking for a drag racing game and I found this did not think it would be good so when I first played this it was AMAZING thank you so much for making this game you did an AWESOME Job!!

Software update

You need to update your software



Bullhorn Exhaust

Can yall plz put bullhorn exhaust on The first doorslammers


It crashes a lot and I hope you fix soon

Do not download***waste of time***Multiple Crashes

This game is horribly created. The creators really either need to update or maintain the game. Theres no wonder there are no recent reviews. This game will not even make it past buying your first vehicle before it continuously crashes. I tried resetting and re-downloading the app multiple times and still the same problem. This app is a complete waste of time.


Needs an update bad!

good game

so i pay for the 9,99$ for 50 gold coins but i didnt even got a damm coin they only took the money out my bank account

Great game

This game needs to be fixed so it doesnt log me out of the game and then everything will be fine so please fix it.

I am so MAD

Ok so I had this game before on my old phone and I had spent 90$ and I cant get my progress back!!!!!!!!! I hate this feature its so stupid!!!!! Can u please add that to where we can have are progress back it would make the game so better!!! Who agrees

Cool game but

This game is cool but whenever I try racing my friends it says the game is full gene though they say theyre waiting for a challenger so I cant race them and its annoying me please fix it



Has potential

I do enjoy the game, its realistic enough, but if Im offline, and try to race the computer, the game crashes every time. It wont let me do license test, and I have yet to earn a gold bar. The payouts could be better. The only thing you can tune is the gearing, when you should be able to tune the efi also. Dont even remember the last time the publishers put out an update.

Best drag game!

This is the best and most realistic drag racing game I have found. The car reacts to changes and upgrades, sound changes, and tuning is pretty realistic. Much better than the others.

Need to get a repurchase refreshment

Please update this game just a tad so at least I can get my gold back that I gotten. But it is a great game though and please at least one more car in.


Very fun game but I have one question. How do you get gold. Other than that the graphics are great and its a fun game.

Good game

Ive had this game for about 2 years. My car could never pas 93 mph even though it was fully upgraded. I stopped playing the game for a long time and then I figured out the problem. I never bought an adjustable gear box. My car never had its gears set right. So if you want to win in this game you have to know what your doing.

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